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Provide us with details about your relationship and you and your partner’s interests. The idea is to create a beautiful date for you based on your relationship and budget.
Vendors and venues are selected and booked for your date (location with gorgeous views, musicians, etc.). And you enjoy your date.

How far in advance must I reserve your service?
To guarantee we provide you with the best service possible a seven-day notice is preferred for most events. Depending on the demands of your event a fourteen-day notice or more may be necessary

How much should I plan to spend on my romantic event? 

Every client's romantic event can be designed according to his other personal budge.
In your date night profile, you will be able to select your preferred frequency, interests, and budget, date ETC.

 About us
Why spend precious time scouring the internet to find new and original date idea with E.v.s' fab date night will help you create the most an amazing and unforgivable date for your love one, planning the ultimate celebration is our passion. We bring experience, fresh ideas, and a creative energy to the table. For any Dates night, marriage proposal, gift delivery and much more, we keep the whole process, from concept to fruition, inspiring, easy and enjoyable.

  • no matter how small or large the gesture is, there's no excuse to making your special someone feel love 



À propos de nous  

Pourquoi dépenser un temps précieux à récurer l'Internet pour trouver des idées nouvelle et originale pour votre soirée. laisser  E.v.s 'fab date night vous aider à créer une des plus belle  soirée  votre amoureuse/amoureux, la planification et la réussite ultime est notre passion. Nous apportons de l'expérience, des idées fraîches et une énergie créative à la table. Pour toutes les soirées, proposition de mariage, livraison de cadeaux et bien plus encore, nous gardons tout le processus, du concept à la réalisation, inspirant, facile et agréable.